Tactics Employed to Reduce the Volume of Construction and Demolition Waste Destined for Landfills


The use of large skip bins in construction and demolition sites is commonplace — construction and demolition contractors simply go about their job and put the waste produced onsite into the bin supplied by their bin provider. However, due to the huge amount of waste that is often generated during construction and demolition projects, and increasing need to protect the natural environment, these contractors are expected to do more than just putting loads of waste into their skips and then having the skips sent to landfills.

24 April 2017

Two Situations in Which You Might Need to Hire a Skip Bin


Hiring a skip bin may not be something that has ever occurred to you. However, there are actually several situations in which skip bins can be incredibly useful. Here are a couple of examples of these situations. You're moving to a smaller property A lot of people choose to downsize after they retire or when their children have flown the nest. Whatever the reason for your move, you will almost certainly have to spend some time sorting through and throwing away or donating a significant amount of your belongings as you won't be able to fit everything you currently own into your new, smaller property.

11 April 2017

Tips On How To Keep Pets Out Of Your Garbage Bin


Whether it's your cat or the neighborhood dogs, pets digging into your garbage bin to look for food scraps can litter your home and attract pests such as raccoons and termites. Pets can also get sick if they eat trashed food that's contaminated with bacteria. How do you keep these animals out of your bin until the next garbage pickup day? Here are some easy tips that you can follow to keep your exterior space clean and protect your pet's health.

7 April 2017