Keeping Your Rubbish Bins Meticulous and in Mint Condition

Rubbish bins can harbour slime, mould and odours, but with the right tips, you can keep your rubbish bins meticulous. They can also get damaged by animals or weather so I am also going to provide tips on keeping your bins in mint condition. I may also write about other aspects of rubbish and skips as well. My name is Jason, and I love things to be clean and tidy. However, as a restaurant owner, I find that it can be challenging to keep the bins clean. Luckily, it isn't impossible, and I am going to share what I know here. If my posts help or inspire you, please share them with your friends. Thanks for reading.

Two Tips For People Who’ve Hired Skip Bins


Here are two tips for people who've decided to use skip bin hire services.

They should keep their bin covered overnight if it's accessible to their neighbours or the public

Many people don't have the option of keeping their bin in an enclosed garden and instead need to leave it on their driveway or the street beside their home in a spot that their neighbours or members of the public could access. In this situation, the renter of the skip bin should cover the bin overnight when they cannot keep an eye on it. They could, for example, put a large plastic or cardboard sheet over the bin and weigh this down with rocks. Whilst this won't fully secure the bin, it could make it harder for people to quickly toss their refuse into it and could, therefore, deter them from doing so.

This is important for two reasons. Firstly, if passersby or a person's neighbours decide to use the skip bin, there will be less space for the items that belong to the person who rented it. Secondly, some businesses that have skip bins for hire will only let their customers put certain kinds of rubbish into these containers and might not pick up a skip that contains a hazardous material that they do not allow. If a neighbour or other person puts materials like this in a person's skip, then not only might that person's skip not get collected on the date they needed it to be, but they might have to remove this hazardous material and handle its proper disposal themselves.

They should prep their bulky refuse before putting it in the bin

Many people who hire skip bins do so because they have bulky items they want to throw away that they cannot fit in their own household bins. People who need to put bulky things into their rented skips should prep their refuse before placing it in their skips. For example, if they have large boxes they need to throw out, they should flatten these. Likewise, if they are getting rid of some furniture, such as chairs or a table, they should break the components apart and lay them neatly in the bin.

If they're throwing out renovation refuse, such as old kitchen cabinets, they should either break these cabinets into smaller parts so they'll take up less space in the bin or alternatively, they should fill the inside of these cabinets with other, smaller pieces of rubbish. This approach will allow anyone who's rented a skip to fit a lot more bulky items into it than if they simply chucked their bigger items in without prepping them first.  This, in turn, could allow them to either hire a smaller, cheaper skip or could at least allow them to avoid having to order a second skip.

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2 February 2023