Keeping Your Rubbish Bins Meticulous and in Mint Condition

Rubbish bins can harbour slime, mould and odours, but with the right tips, you can keep your rubbish bins meticulous. They can also get damaged by animals or weather so I am also going to provide tips on keeping your bins in mint condition. I may also write about other aspects of rubbish and skips as well. My name is Jason, and I love things to be clean and tidy. However, as a restaurant owner, I find that it can be challenging to keep the bins clean. Luckily, it isn't impossible, and I am going to share what I know here. If my posts help or inspire you, please share them with your friends. Thanks for reading.

Two Situations Where You Should Rent a Skip Bin With Doors


Skip bins with doors are very useful for many reasons. Here are some circumstances in which you should order a bin like this.

Those using the bin are very petite

If you or anyone else who will be using the bin are very short, then you'll probably find a skip bin with a door far easier to use than one which does not. Because the walls of a standard skip are quite tall, people who are particularly short in stature tend to find throwing rubbish into them quite laborious. What often happens is that the rubbish bags they try to throw land on the bin's edge, tear open and make the bin dirty.

Whilst you could order a skip bin without doors and use a ladder to reach its interior, repeatedly having to climb up and down could get tiring if, for example, you're doing lots of decluttering and need to make multiple trips to the skip bin. Conversely, if the skip bin you pick has doors and you don't need to do anything other than unlock its door and toss in your items, the disposal of your refuse won't wear you out. This means you will get more decluttering or cleaning done than you would have your skip bin didn't have this feature.

You need to dispose of big items

If you need to throw out any particularly large items, then you should ensure that the skip bin you request has doors. For example, if you have several big, heavy filing cabinets that you need to put in this bin, but it has no doors, you'll have to pick up each of these cabinets and try to fling it over the bin's walls. You would probably have to get at least a couple of other people to assist you and the process of throwing away even one of these objects could turn into a bit of an ordeal. Getting rid of several of them may take you and these other people an entire day.

Conversely, if the skip bin you pick has large doors, through which you can easily fit big objects like the aforementioned filing cabinets, then you could quickly dispose of each one by yourself. However, you may need a hand trolley that you can use to transport any rubbish bags from your property to the bin.

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1 April 2021