Keeping Your Rubbish Bins Meticulous and in Mint Condition

Rubbish bins can harbour slime, mould and odours, but with the right tips, you can keep your rubbish bins meticulous. They can also get damaged by animals or weather so I am also going to provide tips on keeping your bins in mint condition. I may also write about other aspects of rubbish and skips as well. My name is Jason, and I love things to be clean and tidy. However, as a restaurant owner, I find that it can be challenging to keep the bins clean. Luckily, it isn't impossible, and I am going to share what I know here. If my posts help or inspire you, please share them with your friends. Thanks for reading.

Clearing Out a Loved One's Home When They've Passed Away


Everyone deals with the death of a loved one in a different way. In addition to the emotional response of grieving, a logistical and practical response can also be required. This is the case if you're tasked with making the funeral arrangements, executing the will, or arranging for your loved one's home to be cleared out so that it can be sold when it has not been bequeathed to anyone (or if it was rented). Emptying the home of its possessions requires a certain approach that utilises a number of different methods for disposal.

Bequeathed Items

You need to be mindful of the fact that some of the items inside the home might have been bequeathed to someone. Refer to the will in order to identify which items (if any) have been earmarked as a bequeathment and liaise with the beneficiaries in order to arrange collection or delivery.

Charitable Donations

It's important to refer to the will when it comes to the contents of the home since additional items might have been bequeathed in a more generalised manner, the conditions of which need to be satisfied before you can attempt to dispose of the remainder of the home's contents. Perhaps your loved one stipulated that the contents of their home should be donated to a charity. You can contact the charity in question for pickup, but the receipt of goods is on a discretionary basis, meaning that the charity could respectfully decline any items which might not be easy to resell.

Sentimental Items

If there is no information with regards to a charity, it's up to you to clear the contents of the home. You might wish to discuss the matter with the other friends and family members of the deceased, inviting them to collect a personal item related to the deceased—something of sentimental value. This can be a touching gesture, but it also has a more practical angle, since it means there is less to dispose of.

Selling and Donating

A garage sale can help to get rid of a significant amount of the home's contents, but it's not necessarily the case that everything will be sold, or indeed that everything will be of a standard to be sold. For items that can be resold or repurposed, this might be an opportunity to pass these items onto a charity (even if none was stipulated in the will). Use your discretion and choose a cause you think would have been significant to your loved one.

Rubbish Removal

Once everything useable has been disposed of, you might well be left with a considerable number of items that need to be thrown out. The volume of items will likely exceed standard household rubbish collection, so you should utilise the services of a rubbish removals company. They can collect the items in question, which will then be sorted to remove any recyclable components. This is an exhaustive method for the final emptying of the home, with professionals taking care of the effort.

It can be a strange and bittersweet experience to empty a loved one's home after they've passed away, but it can at least be logistically straightforward if you make the proper arrangements. For more information, contact your local rubbish removals service. 


10 October 2018